Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why Chiropractors Recommend Formula 303

In speaking with many chiropractors around the country who prescribe Formula 303 in their practice, the same story keeps surfacing. Formula 303 works great for spasm and it's all natural.

For chiropractors the fact that they can recommend a natural muscle relaxer is of primary concern. The fact that Formula 303 works so well is icing on the cake. The main reason it seems to be so effective has to do with the combination of 3 homeopathic ingredients. The ingredients are valerian, passiflora and magnesium. There's been a lot written about those ingredients on the web and there are many studies that show why they are so effective at relaxing tight muscles that are in chronic spasm.

Most people go to the chiropractor for back pain or neck pain. Everyone wants their chiro to come home with them so they can get an adjustment at home. That's not going to happen unless you marry them...so the next best thing is to buy a bottle of Formula 303 to help with the spasm and it's related pain until your next visit.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Formula 303 Helps Snow Shoveling Injury

Winter may make all our surroundings pretty but they sure give you a hard time when it comes to mornings when you have to shovel all the snow off the sidewalk and the driveway.

Good thing I have my Formula 303 natural muscle relaxer to keep me company and prevent any back pain. I never run out of Formula 303 as it keeps me from feeling any back spasm that I have experienced last year. You see, one morning, I found that our driveway was blocked by what looked like tons of snow, so I hauled my trusty shovel from the garage and started shoveling. I must be getting on in years because a few minutes after that back-breaking work, I started feeling pain in my lower back. It was a dull pain with spasm, so I didn’t mind it and still shoveled. After I have cleared the pathway, I started my truck and went on my way.

However, by nightfall, the back spasms had intensified. I couldn’t fall asleep. I tried all possible positions, but it was of no use. I had to go downstairs and tried to sleep upright on the sofa. Believe me, it was one of the worse nights of my life.

I went to my doctor and she prescribed over-the-counter pain relievers. She told me that I am suffering from sciatica and I would have to undergo physical therapy. I tried the pain relievers but the spasms wouldn’t let up. I spent another night on the couch, trying to sleep but couldn’t. I called up my friend, Henry, who had suffered sciatica to ask what he did to cope with the pain. Henry told me that I should go to his chiropractor. I wrote down the number and address and thanked him. The chiropractor helped me a lot with my pain.
For the spasm, the chiropractor recommended that I take Formula 303. I hadn't heard about this Formula 303, but it sounded like it came out of a James Bond movie. The name was cool, but its effects are way cooler. Formula 303 packs in its tablet natural tension and muslce relaxants, such as valerian root, passiflora, and magnesium carbonate. These three ingredients relax the muscles that are causing the pain in my back. The first night of using Formula 303, I was finally able to sleep. It was blissful!

Now, I am never without my natural muscle relaxer and even though winter brings more opportunities for me to shovel snow, I am not worried that I’ll suffer from back pain again. Not even if I shovel for hours. Formula 303 has got my back this time around.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Formula 303 Video Testimonial

People Love Formula 303

Formula 303 Natural Muscle Spasm Treatment Review

I started using Formula 303 three years ago after falling from my bicycle and suffering from a back pain. My doctor said it was not serious but I was in pain for more than two months after the accident. Prior to using Formula 303, I tried several muscle relaxers as recommended by my friends and relatives. But nothing helped ease the pain or even reduced the muscle spasm. I event went to see at least three doctors for other prescriptions and remedies. Some medicines helped loosen the extreme tightness of my muscles in the back. However, I had to deal with some severe side effects such as experiencing dry mouth, headache, and dizziness. Those really made my wife feel very worried about my condition and it also bothered me. I told myself that I needed to find a way to get rid of this pain.

Thank God I did not have to suffer that long after discovering Formula 303 on EarthTurns.com.  I was extremely amazed at how quickly this muscle relaxant relieved my back pain.  What makes this product even more remarkable is that its ingredients are all natural and it is made in USA. I discovered that it is a specially formulated mixture of the herb Valerian root extract, herbal Passiflora, and Magnesium. 

In fact, Valerian or Valerian officinalis is one of the main ingredients of natural relaxant Formula 303. I’m surprised to know that this perennial plant that is usually found in Europe and Asia has numerous therapeutic uses.  When I feel restless after a day’s work or experience difficulty sleeping at night, I just take one tablet of Formula 303 and I suddenly feel relaxed.  The next thing I will know is that I already had a good night sleep.

My wife also uses this muscle relaxer when she is having menstrual or intestinal cramps. Both of us enjoy the benefits we get from Formula 303.  And when I visit my friends and relatives, I make sure that I bring a bottle to show them how this product helped me live a very relaxed life, one that is free from any muscle pain or cramps.
At a very affordable price, a bottle comes with 250 tablets. When I ordered two bottles, these were shipped to me in no time.  

Every feature of Formula 303 is simply wonderful.  Knowing that this is scientifically proven to relieve tight muscles, leg cramps, back pain, and neck pain makes me feel even better.  My wife and I don’t have to worry about feeling drowsy when using this muscle relaxant. That itself is stress-free. We are assured that there are no harmful side-effects unlike other over-the-counter remedies for muscle spasm, cramps, stress and anxiety that make your condition worse.

It is from EarthTurns.com  that I also learned about the other benefits of using Formula 303. It does not only provide remedy to aching muscles but it also a natural relief for several other conditions, such as tension, stress, anxiety, jitters, and even insomnia.  

I call this my “powerful product” because it heals almost every pain one can feel. It also has a therapeutic effect. I don’t think I can find other remedies as effective as Formula 303.